About Us

About Us

Welcome to the Jordan Mathew House (JMH) a Resilient Homes, Limited Liability Company.

We congratulate you for your continued effort and desire to further your recovery. We believe the Jordan Mathew House is able to meet your needs and support you in your transition back into the community.

The JMH is a monitored recovery residence that promotes recovery through self-efficacy and self-determination. Attending 12 step meetings in NOT a requirement. We encourage our guest residents to explore different pathways of recovery and find what works for them. Guest residents are held accountable to participate in their own recovery and are encouraged to meet with a recovery coach weekly to follow-up with recovery goals.

There is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy in place concerning the use of drugs and alcohol, as a guest resident of this sober living community ALL guest residents are to remain abstinent from the use of illicit drugs, alcohol and non-prescribed medication, failure to do so may result in termination of residency.

There is a four-phase model in place that gives the guest residents an opportunity to gain more independence as they move up in phases. We find that the gradual increase in independence and decrease in structure and accountability better prepares them for independent living and long-term recovery.

With an all-inclusive atmosphere our guest residents are given the opportunity to plan and participate in recreational outings that are held quarterly. Such outings will be discussed at our house meetings. We encourage our guest residents to take advantage of all the opportunities offered here at the Jordan Matthew House.

Jordan Matthew Cabral
7/1/1990 – 7/21/2015


Our Staff

Jocelyn Cabral

Jocelyn Cabral


Jocelyn Cabral founded Resilient Homes, LLC in January 2018 following the death of her brother who passed of an opioid overdose. She serves as the Director of Operations and works closely with the staff at the Jordan Matthew House to ensure that the residents receive the proper guidance and support needed in order to achieve their individual goals.

Jocelyn has graduated on the dean’s list from Bridgewater State University with a Bachelor of Social Work and a minor in Criminal Justice. Jocelyn is currently pursuing a certificate in alcohol and drug abuse counseling.

Jocelyn has three years of clinical and case management experience with the substance abuse population and over fourteen years of working in residential settings with three of those years being in a residential management position.

Jocelyn has been in recovery from drugs and alcohol for over eleven years and understands first-hand the challenges associated with the disease of addiction. With having achieved many years of abstinence and recovery from drugs and alcohol she gives many addicts hope, that they too can recover and live a healthy lifestyle.

Jocelyn serves on three different committee’s in the fight to combat the opioid epidemic and has recently been recognized for her contributions to the civic life and prosperity of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. “It wouldn’t feel right to sit back and not do anything about the crisis we’re in.”